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Actionable Insight

Let us help you move from insight to action

Data Visualization

The old adage "a picture is worth 1,000 words" holds true even today. With the advent of big data and continuing downward pressures on the cost and performance of data storage, it's easier than ever to collect and curate rich sources of data.

With great power comes great responsibility and we, at CPV, can help you make sense of it all. Using state-of-the-art visualization tools, we can provide access to the forest and the trees. We can help reduce the noise and get you quicker to the insights that can generate your institution a competitive advantage.

Panoramic Perspective. Laser-Focused Decisions.

Gain key insights for the most critical questions

Reduce time to value with a library of pre-built reports, dashboards, & visualizations

Become part of the benchmark community, enabling better institutional assessment

  • Multi-Dimensional

  • Course Progression

  • Export to Excel

  • Access & Equity Analysis

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